Upcoming Concert

For anybody who’s interested in seeing an upcoming concert, here is the information about the gala concert I’m performing in with Voices in Harmony. Enjoy!

Gala Concert Information

The Venue

A really good way to help your tired voice

Pronunciation Guide

I can’t tell you how often I’ve been studying a piece and wished I could easily hear how a particular word is pronounced…well, I just found a website that I think will be extremely helpful to me when I’m dealing with languages or words that I’m not really familiar with.  It claims to have “all the words in the world, pronounced” and in my little bit of tinkering around with it, it’s been great.


Comfort ye and Every Valley

Here is a video of me singing Comfort Ye and Every Valley, from Handel’s Messiah, with Voices in Harmony.

Thou Shalt Break Them

I know I’ve got audio of this from a different performance, but here is a video of me singing “Thou Shalt Break Them” from Handel’s Messiah.

O sole mio

Here is a video of me singing O sole mio with members of the Elgin Opera.

Throat Lubrication

One of the things I’m constantly asked is how a person can keep their throat lubricated when they sing.  A lot of singers I know absolutely swear by water, but I’ve always found that, in the moment, that actually makes my problem worse.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s really, really important to drink lots of water throughout the day to keep hydrated, but in my experience, it takes about two hours for water to really kick in and help.  When I need a quick fix to lubricate my throat, I go for apple juice.  Some time ago I read that it’s the closest thing to human saliva that you can find, and while I don’t know if it’s true, it’s certainly the case that if I sip on apple juice just before I sing, my chords stay lubricated a lot longer than if I drink water.  I’ve attached a link here written by a professional blues singer who has much the same attitude as me toward lubrication.  She doesn’t actually advocate apple juice, but I’ve tried her recommendations and found them to be great, too.

Throat Lubrication Tips

Torna Surriento

This is a video of me performing Torna surriento in a gala concert with the members of the Elgin Opera.  Francesco Milioto conducts.

Carmina Burana with the Grant Park Chorus

Here is a video of me singing “Olim Lacus Lacueram” with the Grant Park Chorus this summer.  For an outdoor venue, the sound is really pretty incredible!

A good place to get music