Voice Lessons

PederHeadshotCroppedPhilosophy of Teaching and Qualifications

Since graduating with my Master’s Degree in Vocal Performance from Indiana University in 2000, I have performed professionally in opera, musical theater, oratorio, and professional ensembles throughout the nation and the world, including the Chicago Symphony, Lyric Opera of Chicago, Grant Park Chorus, and Chautauqua Opera.  As I look back over my twelve years of teaching voice lessons, it has been my pleasure to have played a part in the ongoing development of some truly great artists, many of whom perform professionally in the Chicagoland area.  My success as a teacher stems in part from a conscious desire to cultivate and endorse my students’ individualities without molding them into my own “musical personality.”  The elements of patience, balance, and sensitivity are essential as one deals with the complexities of the musical brain and its response to stimuli.  It is my trademark to be enthusiastic, encouraging and positive with my pupils during their training.  As a result, they learn to be patient and positive with themselves. The resulting benefits are shared equally by both of us, and thus, real learning is achieved.

Specific Goals:

As a teacher, it is my goal to teach my students to become excellent, well-rounded musicians by teaching them to sing with a naturally easy, beautiful sound.  I achieve this by teaching them to combine posture, vocal placement, and vocal support to create a truly balanced sound.  In addition to learning singing technique, my students learn how to properly interpret their music in several languages and styles.

Payment and Rates:

Payment is to be received at the start of the lesson period and may be in the form of cash or check made out to Peder Reiff.  My hourly rate is $50 for a lesson at my home or studio, and $60 for a housecall.

Absence Policy:

Any student who will miss a voice lesson must provide at least twenty-four hours of notice.  In the event that twenty-four hours of notice are not given, the student will be charged for the entirety of the lesson.  The sole exceptions to this will be in the case of medical or family emergencies.

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